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Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
JKEY9J7EHAFixed the issue that a calendar entry spans midnight is not displayed if the end date of the entry and the date DST begins is the...
FPAIAA3PCXWhen running the Domino server in the Brasil timezone, an external (non-domino) user sends a meeting invitation to the domino user. The meeting is...
BLEE6UTNT8Fixed an issue that would result in the wrong meeting time for forwared calendar entries. If a meeting is forwarded from the calendar view without...
BKAN9X3PDQAdding a REBUILD command to Schedule Manager.
IFAY9DMFJ2When a external chair sends a Repeating iCal invite Notes users can now decline all instances of the meeting in Compatibility Mode.
IFAY9ZRHSDFixed an issue where meeting invitations sent to Outlook users are not received as invitations, but as mail messages with attachments, with no...
GKLA9YUS2BWhen adding a non-Notes/Domino invitee to an existing repeating meeting, compatiblity mode settings can result in the chair being limited to adding...
JKEY9W9KATFixed an issue where the subject of a private meeting is showing up after the owner approves a room reservation.
FPAI9CPRTPIncreased a memory buffer to improve performance opening repeat calendar entries that have a large number of instances or notice updates. In related...
FPAI9GGJTJCalendar meetings created using a calendar application other than Notes/Domino do not show any indication that the event was created for a timezone...
TTAN8YRHD9On windows platforms, when using an additional timezone within the calendar view (either the main calendar or the day at a glance calendar), the...
BKAN9QER3ZSince R6 the default behavior for iCalendar Decline messages coming into Notes has been to treat them as if the RSVP parameter was FALSE (the...
JKEY9T2L87Some non-Notes iCalendar clients do not support the COMMENTS property (e.g. Outlook). So any comments that the Notes chair sends on a notice or...
IFAY9T6L5UWhen sending calendar notices as iCal/Mime messages, the subject header of the MIME message will typically start with the word "Invitation:" or...
DSKG9RN4G7 Revert the X-ALT-DESC code with an ini to turn it back on (for NRBY8ZRKBJ), IcalReadXAltDesk=1. X-ALT-DESC was introduced to allow rich text to be...
CCHE9ZYR4XFixed an issue when accepting a counter with a different time zone using the acceptCounter API reschedules the meeting for the wrong...
CSYL9VBRVEiCalendar and Notes have different message sequencing mechanisms. The current mapping mechanism does not work consistently in many scenarios. In...
HPUT9Y7BJXA Note/Domino user creates a repeating meeting. After the meeting has been created, the chair adds an external invitee to an instance of the...
BKANAZRUZ6For customers who customize their mail template and remove the $WatchedItem found on the stock template, the core C&S code will automatically...
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